How to Choose Sport Shoes for Gym

People do not casually go to gym for exercising. Their aim is to improve their body looks. For this purpose, it is important that they do not take anything related to gym casually.

The first thing they need to do is buy themselves a good pair of sport shoes. A good pair of shoes can make a huge difference in their training. You must buy the best shoes to make the most out of your workout.

There are several exercises in gym that you can do like running on treadmill and lifting. There are some great brands that offer you the best shoes for every purpose.

Reebok is best for cross fit, Adidas for lifting, Nike for combining treadmill and weights and New Balance gives you the best stylish shoes.

You should know what to look for in you gym shoes. Here are some characteristics that a good pair of gym shoes must possess.

  • Size– Take shoes of perfect size that fits your feet exactly. Don’t take over-sized shoes because they can ruin your exercise. Also, don’t take shoes that are smaller than your feet. They will be tight for you and can cause blisters on your feet.

You must feel comfortable in your shoe and they must fit. You should get your feet measure before you buy the shoe.

  • Well cushioned- Exercising in gym is always hard on your feet. A pair of shoes with good cushioning can reduce and absorb the shock.

Gym shoes should have two types of rubber- carbon and blown rubber. The carbon one is heavy and stiff whereas blown one is flexible and light weighted.

  • Outsole- The outsole should have split heel and flexible grooves. There are horizontal grooves that are located in the forefoot of the outsoles. The grooves give flexibility and split helps in efficient running.
  • Midsole- The midsole should be made out of polyurethane and EVA. Polyurethane is heavy, dense and stable. EVA is light weighted.
  • Shoe for single task- You must analyze first what activities you are going to do in the gym. There are different shoes made for different activities.

For instance, walking shoes are stiff and running shoes are flexible for extra cushioning to handle greater impact. If you do multiple activities, get a pair for each one of them.

  • Rule of thumb– Your shoe fit must be proper. Usually a thumbs width is preferred between the top of your toe and shoe and at the end of the foot and shoe.

The length should not be very much that your foot is sliding inside the shoe when you play. It means the shoe should neither be oversized nor tight fitting.

  • Looks and color– It is one of the most important factor that people look for while buying a shoe. Looks matter a lot! If you look good, you perform better.

Choose bright colors for gym shoes. It looks good and attractive. Choose a shoe that has two to three colors combination.


It is very important to shop smartly. Take your socks along with you because you have to wear them inside and check if the shoe fits in with them. Shop at the end of the day when your feet expand. The same happens after a running session.