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10 Best Cross Training Shoes of 2018

Do you really like to do cross training workouts? May be most of you don’t; because of its intense training method. Just believe it or not! cross fit training can take you to the ultimate level in your game. Mostly, cross training workout includes intense different training activities. Therefore, to perform these activities you need a high quality pair of cross training shoes.

Do you think your shoes are the reason you don’t perform well in the training? Well! It might be; because you can do good only as you put on a good quality pair of shoes for your comfort and performance. In this article, you are going to find out 10 best cross training shoes that you must look. All shoe reviews are based on product quality, comfort, user feedback and price.

Ryka Influence – Best Cross Training Shoes for Women

cross training shoes for Womens-Influence-Training-Black-Sugar

RYKA Influence is best known for manufacturing women’s athletic shoes. Over 25 years, they manufacturing best athletic shoes for women. RYKA cross training shoe is made of synthetic fabric and rubber soles which make it light weighted. It has flex-foil and direct fuse layers that provide support in lateral movements. The mid-sole have dual foam cushioning which provides support to the foot and is important for pressure joints. The pivot point helps you make more natural movements. It gives you great comfort.

This shoe perfectly fits in any shape of women’s foot like narrow heel, roomier foot, instep volume and more secured foot bed. RYKA influence shoe is only for athletic purposes. More or less you’ll feel the great experience with this shoe like high performance, comfort, cushioning and control.

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Puma- Men’s Tazon 6 Fracture FM

Puma Men’s Tazon 6 fracture FM cross trainer shoeAs you know, PUMA is the worldwide popular brand which brings a new evolution to sports footwear, lifestyle and fashion.

The modern look Puma Tazon 6 is one of those cross training shoes, which makes you to focus more at your training. Because, you are going to wear Puma shoe. TAZON 6 made of synthetic leather which makes it tough on outsides and its rubber sole make this shoe so comfortable, give you great training experience. You’ll enjoy every step when you move. The shoe has shaft measures which are approximately low-top from arch. It is a run-train performance sneaker provides you stable cushioning for running and training purposes.

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Reebok Nano 8.0 Flexweave

Reebok Nano 8.0 FlexweaveNext one is Reebok Nano 8.0 Flexweave cross workout shoe made of 100% synthetic and it has very comfortable rubber sole. The new design high heel provides you ultimate performance during any workout routine. Nano 8.0 Flexweave perfectly fits in any type of feet; it’s because of comfortable wide toe box and shaft measures from the low-top of arch. Moreover, the outer sole RopePro is actually made to do hard intense workouts which provide maximum grip and protection during training. Your feet can breathe freely because of great textile lining. It has forefoot cushioning mid-sole and non-marking rubber soles.

These shoes come with various color combo options and enhanced design features which make them look very attractive. It provides all day comfort with increased forefoot flexibility and heel cushioning.

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Nike- Metcon 3 Training Shoes

Nike- Metcon 3 Training ShoesLike other big global brands, Nike also leading in sports and lifestyle industries. Nike is generally known for manufacturing high quality sports shoes, tees and many sports products. To do cross fit workouts, Nike manufactured a great METCON3 training shoe.

Like many other training shoe Metcon3 also one of the greatest cross training shoes which are made of synthetic fabric and rubber soles. It has dual density foam mid-sole that provide cushioning and lasting support. These shoes are specially designed for intense workouts such as heavy weight lifting, sprints and climbs. The shoe uses its fly-wire mid foot technology to lock the foot in one place. Don’t look so further, if you really want to do intense workout. The shoes provide a firm grip and stability. Also, they are highly comfortable.

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Reebok- Men’s ROS Cross Trainer Shoe

Reebok- Men’s ros workout tr 2.0 cross trainer shoeThe workout 2.0 Rebook Ros shoes bring you the most lightweight made with textile and upper part is of light weighted mesh. Workout 2.0 shoe are actually designed for cross fitness training, as well as it works great for weight lifting. It fits perfectly for those who had wider feet. It has imeva mid-sole and multi surface rubber out-sole.

The shoes provide you better balance than others because of its shape that allows great support, movement and flexibility. There is an underfoot cushioning that helps you to control foot movement that you need during hard workouts. It’s a great choice, if you are looking for most light weight shoes for your hard training.

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Nike Men’s Retaliation Trainer Cross Fit Shoes

NIKE Men's Retaliation Trainer CrossOur best cross fit shoe is Nike Men’s Retaliation. Take a look at the shoe, the sporty design makes this shoe so attractive for trainers. Not only black, also available in different colors style.

Manufacturing with high quality textile and synthetic fabrics with very comfortable rubber soles. The upper part of the shoe is made of mesh allows your feet to breathe.

In fact, Nike Retaliation is very light weight in comparison with other training shoes. It has fly wire cables and sandwich mesh tongue that makes it fit perfectly. The out-sole has rubber which is placed strategically and offers excellent multi surface grip. The shoe is comfortable for variety of exercises such as planks and push-ups.

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Asics Men’s GEL Venture 5 Running Shoe

Asics Men’s GEL Venture 5 Running ShoeOur next top rated shoe is Asics GEL Venture 5; since 1977 Asics manufacturing top performance-driven athletic shoes. Like other best training shoes GEL venture 5 also made from synthetic fabric and rubber soles having shaft measures approximately low-top from arch.

These are made in USA and imported. The shoes have mesh and brush stroke patterned underlay along with rear foot GEL cushioning. Another remarkable feature is the removable sock liner that accommodates medical orthotics. It has trail specific out-sole and AHAR out-sole that is used in critical high wear areas.

The out-sole is rugged and the rear foot GEL cushioning is compatible for variety of terrains. The shoes provide great fit and every day comfort to our feet.

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Puma Cell Riaze Heather

Puma Cell Riaze Heather Cross training shoesPuma Cell Riaze Heather is an amazing style cross training shoe especially for women, super comfy. You’ll feel pretty comfortable the amount of cushion the sole provides. Remarkable thing about the shoe is synthetically made with rubber soles. The synthetic fabric used in this shoe is a soft heathered textile with bonded synthetics. Puma Cell uses a cell technology which make so lightweight. You will feel like you are running in the air. It will be perfect for those who have narrow and high arch feet.

Most of the users are 100% satisfied with this shoe. Maybe you will be once you wear this lightweight shoe. There will be no mistake if you choose to purchase this shoe for cross training.

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New Balance mx517v1 Training Shoe

New Balance Men’s cross-fit training shoeNext cross training shoe is New Balance MX517v1 just perfect for all different types of training. You can also wear in gym, walking and jogging as well.

MX517v1 is made up of textile and synthetic fabrics having comfortable rubber soles that can be removed. Although this shoe is not legally approved, it is imported. Moreover shoe is best for athletes as it provides versatility for different workouts. It features a NB memory sole and absorb mid-sole. The upper part of the shoe is made of leather and mesh that makes it durable and provides all day comfort and excellent fit. You can pick this shoe in your cart because you can wear it everywhere.

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Puma- Men’s Tazon 6 FM running shoe

Puma Tazon 6 FM almost same as Puma Tazon 6 Fracture FM that we already mention above. If you compare them, there is nothing any difference between these two shoes.

Puma tazon 6FM body made with 100% synthetic leather and it has rubber out-sole for higher traction. The shoe actually fit in any type of feet because it has shaft measures approximately low-top from arch. Moreover, the shoe has t-toe construction, sock liner, EVA heel pod and TPU shank. It is optimum and snug fit. Cushioned mid-sole and shock absorption is another amazing feature of the shoe. The shoe is breathable and provides great stability. It has a sleek and streamlined structure that makes it look very stylish.

How to Choose a Best Cross Fit Shoes

There are many reasons why choosing the right cross fit training shoes is pivotal. We wear them to make sure that our feet are protected from things that can hurt us while training. Not only just for protection; we also wear them for our comfort and performance during training. Although, you don’t want your feet get blistered. Therefore, wearing a good quality training shoes is must.

It absorbs shock while we jump and gives a firm grip on the surface of the ground. Besides all these things, it also gives us a professional feel of enjoying sports. Choosing the right cross training shoes is important for any person who performs a physical activity.

What really matter before choosing a Best Cross Fit Training Shoe

  • Budget:

    First step is to know how much amount you are willing to spend on your sport shoes. When you have a rough analysis about the amount you have for your sport shoes, you can sort the shoes according to the range of your budget. It is the most crucial step towards buying the right sport shoes. The budget may vary from person to person.

  • Brand:

    In the market, there are lot of brands is associated with sport shoes such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, New Balance, Asics etc. some of the top brands you can choose from. On one hand, Nike and Adidas are quite expensive while on the other hand Puma and New Balance can be a budget friendly choice for you.

  • Time factor:

    You should know how long you want to keep your shoes. If you are a person who usually changes shoes from time to time then you need spend less on your shoe. If you are ready to keep your shoe for a longer time then you can spend relatively more on your shoe.

  • Size:

    Take shoes of perfect size that fits your feet exactly. Don’t take over-sized shoes because they can ruin your game. Also, don’t take shoes that are smaller than your feet. They will be tight for you and does not allow your feet to breathe. You must feel comfortable in your shoe while you are on the ground. Brands offer a model to suit every foot type. We all have different foot type that needs a different shoe.

  • Sole and sport: 

    If you are engaged in or perform regularly on daily basis you must choose shoes according to types of sports you do. For instance, if you play cricket, the sole of your shoe must have spikes to make firm grip on the pitch. If you play football, you will need studs. Likewise for cross training, you need a good griped sole shoe to control your feet.


Still Confused?

Don’t think too much; we just shared with you the top rated high quality and comfortable cross training shoes. Now, it all depends on you to choose the perfect pair.

We have already told you what you need to make sure before purchasing any cross training shoes. Only thing you got to do now is ask yourself what you prefer. ls it comfort that you want or is it performance you look for. All being said, regardless the pair you choose its a win win.