Mountain Climbing Tips for Beginners

mountain climbing

Mountain Climbing is one of the best outdoor activities for people who love adventures and like to take risks. It is fun-filled, thrilling and exciting and all that one can imagine. Though, it is not as easy as it seems. It carries a high amount of difficulty and risks within. Besides all this, it can be a truly inspiring experience for those who are prepared properly and keep careful attention to their safety. There is a real chance of death if you get it the wrong way. So before you head off for this experience, you must keep some tips in mind.

Good instruments

It is important to invest in the best quality kit for mountain climbing. This would be quite expensive but nothing can be more important when it comes to your safety. Only your safety kit can rescue you when there is an accident or injury. Invest in strong ropes, gears, anchors and other safety materials. Check their quality yourself. Ensure that it can save you if you fall.

Good Belayer

When you climb for the first time, make sure your partner or the belayer is the one you can trust. He should be experienced in his work. In any case, you fall or you are injured, he will keep you safe. Always keep in mind that the belayer weight should be similar to your body weight. It will make it easier for them to belay you. Make a good bonding with each other. Talk to him beforehand and discuss everything related to your climb in advance.

Good shoes

Shoes are equally important when you are climbing. Buy good quality sports shoes. You will be on your feet all day long. Make sure your shoes don’t tear off. Your shoes give you a good grip while you climb. They are your partners in climbing so they should be comfortable enough. They should fit your feet properly. Don’t go for oversized or tight shoes.

Use your feet

Most climbers use their hands to hold whatever is in front of them. Of course, upper arm force is important but the most important is your feet. Usually, they drag their feet up the formations. Using your whole body along with your feet and hands will make climbing easier. Keeping your feet in the right place first will help you get up easily.

Keep your arms straight

Properly using your arms will help you in your climb. Always keep your arms straight which helps their muscles to relax. If you keep them flexed, they will be under pressure. This reduces the chances of being fatigue and increases the chance of relaxation. Exercising your muscles is very important before you head off for climbing.

Prepare for emergencies

We cannot predict the future and the conditions that one may face up there. It is better if you prepare for possible problems in advance. Some common problems during mountain climbing are sprains, blisters, cramps, dehydration, fatigue, wounds and scratches. Pack a first aid kit and learn how to use it. Keep everything important like bandages, pain killers, hydration salts, etc. Taking a deep breath in the time of difficulty will always help.

Conclusion: Adventures are best enjoyed when you are prepared for all the good and bad. Never hesitate in taking advice from experienced people. Knowing something related will always help you. Don’t be afraid and go for it.