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Soccer Cleats: How to Choose One

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Choosing the Right Soccer Cleats

Soccer, most commonly known as association football, is a popular game played worldwide. The game revolves around a football that is chased by two teams of eleven players. Players are not allowed to touch the ball with their hands or arms. It only involves the lower body movement especially legs and foot.

The most important equipment for this game is the soccer cleats as it requires a lot of running and kicking work by the players. Shoes don’t make you a player but they help you improve your performance.

Choosing the right soccer cleats is so important and confusing. There are a variety of shoes available in the market that may or may not suit you. There are some points that you need to remember when you buy your soccer cleats.

What should you look for in your soccer cleats?

Shoe material

The shoes should be durable enough. Most of the shoes are made up of leather. For instance, they are made of kangaroo leather, “k” leather or any natural leather such as cowhide. They have their properties like some are waterproof and the others are light weighted. The most important is that the material should be comfortable.

Cleat type and pitch

It largely depends on the type of surface you play. Five types of different cleats are designed for different surfaces. They are- firm ground, hard ground, indoor, soft ground, and turf. Choose your cleat type accordingly.

Length and width

Your shoe fit must be proper. Usually, a thumbs width is preferred between the top of your toe and shoe and at the end of the foot and shoe. The length should not be very much that your foot is sliding inside the shoe when you play. It means the shoe should neither be oversized nor tight fitting.


The lighter the shoes are, the better you play. This is so because you don’t feel tired when you play in light shoes. Heavy shoes will make you tired if you continuously play. Usually, the best shoe weight is around 5oz to 8oz.

Player style

You must know what is your usual position on the field. Every player according to his work will need a different type of shoe. For instance, if you are a goalkeeper, you need a shoe that gives you a nice strike and kick-outs. A midfielder needs a shoe that offers control and ability to run up and down the pitch in total comfort. Defensive players need shoes that protect their feet and help in defending the ball.


The budget is the most important factor. You need to figure out how much money you are willing to spend on the shoe. Usually, a shoe with all the qualities will be more expensive. You can look for shoes with some specific quality that you need. Buy the shoes that are neither too costly nor too cheap.