Why is Sports Important in School?

There can be no better physical activity than any sport. Sport is such a physical activity that gives you all benefits in one. It is the best body growth booster and gives the best entertainment. Another best part is that a sport is not restricted to a person of any age. Anyone and everyone can play irrespective of their age.

There is a great quote that says, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. If you keep working and don’t spend time playing, then you are not being productive and active.

Is there still a doubt in people’s mind if school’s curriculum should include sports activities?

The main purpose of a school is to prepare children for living a good life. Academics, solely can never teach children what they really need to. A child should be mentally and physically ready to face the challenges of life. Only sports can give them this kind of training for future.

Why Sports is Important?

We are all aware that we learn and grab things in our early age. We learn the most things when we are young and so it is during our schooling years that we are made to learn things. It is important to instill playing habits in children in their tender age.

Schools should make sports activities compulsory for students as a part of their curriculum not just for the sake of physical activity but for the infinite benefits it gives us. Education is partial without sports activities.

We should not forget that a child studies with more concentration and dedication when he or she is happy. Sports can give them happiness. Every child needs a break after continuous study hours and sports can give them this break. There should be a room for games period in every time table. Trained instructors and teachers should be employed to educate children in sports.

Even if people don’t consider the above mentioned reasons good enough to make sports activity a part of school curriculum, there are numerous other reasons and benefits that can be listed.

Sports activities not only give you good physical health but also mental and spiritual health.

Every sport activity strengthens your muscles and bones by giving you a full body work out. They make your body tough and flexible. Playing makes you taller a stronger. It burns more calories that you eat and reduce your body weight and body fat. In this way, sports can make students physically fit and fine.

It is a cardiovascular activity. It helps you to take more oxygen while you breathe. Your brain, lungs and heart are supplied with ample of oxygen. They work better. When you brain works better, you can think and do better. Your thinking and reacting ability improves and in this way your mental health improves.

Playing removes stress, tension and depression from your mind. It is an anti-depression activity. It makes you feel happy and peaceful. It makes you spiritually healthy.

Sports can improve the overall performance of a child.