Most Common Sports Injuries that happened all the time

Every sport is good for human health. Playing has numerous benefits but regardless of this fact, it also has both pros and cons.

Sports injuries are common if you are a sports player. They both go hand in hand. Injuries can occur if you are an amateur player and can also occur if you over play. There can be many other reasons like improper equipment, lack of conditioning and warm up.

The injuries that occur due to sports usually affect our muscles, bones and some tissues like cartilage. They can be treated and prevented easily and the person can play normally again.

What are the common sports injuries?

  • Ankle sprain- The ligament of the ankle is weak. When the foot turns inward suddenly, the ligament stretches and tears. This results in sprained ankle which is most common with sports players. In this case, you need to exercise your ankle to prevent loss of flexibility, strength and re-injury.
  • Groin pull- In sports like hockey, football and baseball a lot of lower body movement is required. Sometimes, the pushing off in side-to-side motion creates strain in the inner thigh muscles, also called groin. You need to take rest in such a condition and use ice on the strained area for healing.
  • Hamstring strain- Hamstring is referred to the three muscles at the back of the thigh. Movements such as running, falling forward and kicking constantly can create strain in your hamstring. These injuries heal slowly because it’s healing needs inactivity of the person. He cannot walk at all to be cured for a period of six months. This is difficult as a little bit of walking is natural.
  • Shin splints- It refers to a small fracture in the shin bone that is located in the leg. It can occur due to long hours of running or training programs that requires a lot of leg strength. It needs a month to heal. Rest and ice can cure this pain.
  • ACL tear- This is an injury in the knee. ACL is anterior cruciate ligament that joins the knee and the leg. This can occur due to sudden cuts and hits on the side. It results in strain or tearing in the ACL. A person needs to get a surgery done for healing.
  • Patellofemoral syndrome- This is also an injury in the knee. Patella is the knee cap. When there is continuous movement of the knee cap against the femur (thigh bone), it can damage the tissue under the knee cap. One or both knees can be affected. Its recovery can take up to six weeks. Low impact exercise is required to be done during this time.
  • Epicondylitis- This means a tennis elbow. Playing tennis requires a repetitive movement in the elbow that can lead to strain and tearing in the outside elbow. You are required to quit playing for sometime till the pain is gone.

Sport is a physical activity that needs a player to be careful. One needs to be tough and smart. When you are careful, you will have no injuries and you can enjoy play more.