Most adventurous activities that you want to try..

Adventure sports, also known as extreme sports are mostly outdoor activities that involve a lot of adventure, excitement and thrill. These activities are sometimes life threatening as the doers compete against the nature rather than competing against other individuals. A special bond with nature is created.

These activities make us stronger and give us the courage to face obstacles in life. These activities give us self confidence, increase concentration level, develop mental and physical fitness and creativity.

There are many types of adventure sports that can give you this type of adventure.

  • Rock climbing– In this adventure sport, individuals climb on natural or artificial rock formations. The goal is to reach the top, end point or the summit of the rock formation. A lot of difficulty is involved as the individuals can fall and get injured or even die. Although, safety equipment are always used while rock climbing.
  • Trekking- This sport is also performed on mountains where the trekkers have to make a long journey on foot. It is usually done is groups and can take one day to one month time period. Trekkers take in between rests and stay in tents at night. It involves a lot of adventure and excitement. The level of trekking is dependent on the physique of individuals. It can be easy, moderate, strenuous or difficult.
  • River rafting- It is also called white water rafting. It involves the use of raft for navigating through rivers. It is not done in tamed rivers where there is no water rush rather it is done in untamed water so as to experience the thrill of rafting in bumping and swirling water. It is a highly challenging as the degree of water rush is unpredictable. This sport is also a competitive sport as there are many river rafting competitions held around the world.
  • Surfing- This sport is performed in ocean water where the surfer rides ocean waves. A person should be trained before performing this sport as it requires a high amount of balance in water. A person needs to have exact timing and sharp reflexes to stay balanced. The surfers use wooden boards and surf while lying, kneeling, sitting or standing on the board. The position is made according to the comfort of the surfer.

Surfing improves body strength, balance and posture. It is a cardiovascular activity.

  • Paragliding- This activity involves flying para-glider and free flying. It gives a person the experience of flying like a bird. This makes it the most desirable of all adventure sports.

It only requires the energy of wind, gravity and pilot’s muscle power. The paragliding set includes wings, harness and a helmet.

  • Mountaineering- It is putting hands and feet onto rocks and ice and finally reaching the summit. It combines climbing and hiking up mountains or mountain terrains. It is done on rocky and snowy mountains for fully experiencing it.

It involves a high amount of risk due to the rocky slopes and routes with glaciers.