Best Tennis Racket Brands to Choose

Tennis is a sport in which there are two opponents or two teams of two players each. The players are in a rectangular court with a net in between. The main aim is to strike the ball over the net and into the opponent’s court with a racket. The game is usually played professionally.

The main and important equipments of the game are the tennis ball and the tennis racket. The tennis ball is common for both the players but the tennis racket is individually used.

A tennis racket should be chosen according to the needs of the player. The better the quality of the racket, the better it will help you perform.

There are certain brands that offer you the best quality tennis rackets and that are used by professionals.

  1. Wilson- We are all aware that Roger Federer plays with Wilson racket. It is an American company in which animal bi-products are used to create sports equipments. It is known for its pro staff line. It helps in power, touch and spin and is very versatile. 
  1. Babolat- It is a French company that manufactures rackets for sports like tennis and badminton. The famous player Rafael Nadal uses a Babolat racket. It is light weighted and is good for splashes. 
  1. Head- The company was originated in the United States. It makes rackets for multiple racket sports like tennis, badminton and racquetball. Head racket is used by Novak Djokovic. It is the first over-sized metal tennis racket. 
  1. Prince- It is a United States brand founded in 1970. The first tennis ball was produced by Prince. The Prince Longbody Michael Change Signature tennis racket was the world’s #1 tennis racket. Its grip is very comfortable. 
  1. Dunlop- It is a United Kingdom brand that manufactures rackets for tennis, squash and badminton. This is an affordable, good quality and light weighted racket. 
  1. Yonex- It is a Japan based company. It develops tennis, badminton rackets and golf equipment’s. It was the first one to produce aluminum rackets. The brand is now quite popular and recognized. 
  1. Prokennex- It is developed by scientists and has medical grade technology and helps in reducing shock and arm stress. It provides comfort in playing. 
  1. Pacific- It provides rackets that help in excellent spins. It is especially designed for beginners. 
  1. Donnay- It develops a large variety in sports equipment’s. Its rackets have a quality of power and control. 
  1. Adidas- It a German based company that deals in sports equipment’s of all sports. Adidas stands for “All day I dream about sports”. The company has been named after its founder Adolf (nickname Adi) Dassler.

It manufactures shoes, clothing and accessories of sports. It provides great quality equipment’s. The company is popular and recognized all over the world.