Supplement Accessories for Bodybuilders

Bodybuilding is a tough physical activity. Bodybuilding means building your body and making it strong for athletics. You can build your body by exercising, running or playing.

Building your body does not only include your physical appearance. It also includes making your body fit and healthy. Only doing physical activities won’t help. Food is the most essential element for building a healthy body.

Bodybuilders, weight lifters and athletes use bodybuilding supplements to increase their body mass. These supplements help in increasing muscles, body weight, improve performance and decrease body fat.

A strict diet plan is followed by bodybuilders that include these supplements. These supplements are-

  • Whey protein- Protein supplementation is very important for muscle gains. It is very convenient to take and is taken twice a day. Whey proteins are taken with meal, post workout session and as soon as you wake up in the morning.

Protein can also be obtained from food sources. It has high biological value.

  • BCAA- It refers to Branch Chain Amino Acids. These acids help in improving the density of muscles and the recovery rate of muscle tissues. They must be taken from the food you eat. Therefore, you must eat food that is rich in BCAA.
  • L-glutamine– It is also a type of amino acid that is helpful in muscle tissue recovery. It provides good immunity levels to our muscles. If your body is richly supplied with this acid then there will be lesser chances of muscle injuries. Proteins shakes are consumed for this purpose.
  • Creatine- It is that supplement which helps in increase in size and strength. It increases muscle mass and provides strength to them to grow. It enables you to train harder and workout faster. It is naturally produced in the kidneys, pancreas and liver and then transported to muscles.
  • Omega-3 fish oil- Fishes such as salmon and mackerel provide fish oil that is used as a supplement. Due to various contaminants and impurity, we cannot rely on fishes for pure oil. Omega-3 fish oil is used in place of this. This oil helps in blood circulation in every part of the body including the muscles. This way the muscles are supplied with carbohydrates and proteins. It helps in fat loss and improves our cardiovascular health by increasing metabolic rate.
  • Vitamin/mineral supplement- It is very important to take a diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals. They do not directly help in muscle growth. They support the body cells and so they indirectly support the muscle growth. They are taken in specific ratio so that best results can be extracted. Fruits and vegetables are the best way to gain vitamins and minerals.