Sports That Burn Most Calories


Cycling is the cheapest and low impact exercise one can do. It is a healthy exercise that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Most people leave cycling after certain age and get away from its benefits. Cycling is the best way for losing weight.

There could be ample of reasons for wanting to lose weight. The main reason is to improve your health. If you have decided that you want to lose weight, then cycling is a great way.

One might think of other ways for losing weight than cycling. Of course, there are other ways that can help you lose weight.

How cycling helps you to reduce weight?

Regular cycling can help you burn a lot of calories. It is a cardiovascular exercise that helps is weight loss and increasing your heart rate. It can burn up to 400-1000 calories per hour.

The rest depends on the intensity and weight of the rider. If your pedal power is great, you can burn even more calories than usual.

If you cycle regularly, your thighs stay in shape and if they are not then they can come into shape. This way your body fat reduces.

Your muscles become strong. All this will take time if you choose to go to gym for this purpose. There are more chances of injuries if you do this in gym while there are no chances of injuries if you opt cycling for this.

Your heart and lungs also get stronger and they are able to provide oxygen to every part of the body which will result in high fitness level. Your blood fat levels are also reduced.

When you cycle regularly, you start becoming active. Being active in every activity will help you become slim and trim.

Swimming and Running-

Both, swimming and running are great physical exercises. They have a lot of benefits for our body of which most of them are common. Only the intensity of benefits they give may differ from each other.

Swimming and running, both are popular choices when it comes to weight loss. People tend to confuse between the two in making a choice. One should make a choice by looking at the priority benefits they want.

However, if they choose swimming over running, they are making a better choice. It not that running is a bad choice but swimming has a few more benefits than running.

Swimming gives you a whole body workout. When you swim, you not only use your legs but you also use your arms.

While, in running, you only use your legs. It is more of a lower body exercise.

It takes more physical effort to swim than to run. Thus, it helps in burning way more calories than running does.

Swimming can help you lose about 90% of your body weight. It burns more calories than you eat every day.


Playing basketball requires your arms and legs both to be in motion. Thus, your upper and lower body both are in movement. It helps in developing your overall body. You might have heard your parents saying that you will grow taller and stronger if you play basketball. Well! That is absolutely right. Basketball is an amazing work out as it involves a lot of jumping and running.

Every physical activity or sport helps you in reducing weight by burning calories. The above mentioned are some of them that burns the most calories and are suggested.