Sports Invented in England

England is a country that is the origin of many sports. Most of the popular sports that are widely played and followed all over the world were invented in the England.

Here is a list of some of the world’s most popular games that England gave us.

  1. Cricket- This game started in the England in the year 1550. The modern cricket as we play now was started in 1787. This game is only played in those countries that were under the British rule. This makes it very clear that the sport was invented by the English.

This sport is now loved by people and has about 2.5 billion fan following in the world. This game is also called the gentleman’s game.

Two teams of 11 players are involved in the game where one team bats and the other bowls. Then the other team bats and the first one bowl.


  1. Soccer (Association Football)- There are traces of origin of soccer in many countries like China, Japan and Italy. Although, the modern game of football was established in the England. The “Association Football” was founded by the English and the rules and regulations that govern the game were also introduced by them.

More than half of the world population consider themselves great admirers of this sport. This is the most loved sport in the world and has about 4 billion followers.

This game revolves around a ball that is chased by two teams of 11 players. The ball has to be put inside the goal after getting it away from the goal keeper and defenders.

The 11 players include the goal keeper, mid fielders, defenders and the strikers.


  1. Rugby- Rugby was formed at the meeting of football association that was held in England in 1871. Many clubs were unhappy on the removal of draft rules in football. They formed their own rugby union.

The game consists of two teams of 15 players. The teams have to take the rugby ball to the end zone to earn points.


  1. Table tennis- This game was played by the upper class people after having dinner during the 1880s. This game is also known as ping pong and is an indoor sport.

The game is played by one or two players in each team. They are on opposite sides facing each other. The table consists of a net in between. The ball has to be bounced over by the racket to earn points.


  1. Snooker- The game was invented by a person in British army in 1875. It is a mix of the billiard game that was also invented in the England. The game was earlier known as snooker pool.

The game has a table with pockets in each corner and in the middle. There are different colored balls that are to be put in the pockets to score points. Only the colored balls are used to earn scores.