Sports Activities for Kids

There is a great quote that says, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.

There can be no better physical activity for kids than sports. Sport is such a physical activity that gives them all benefits in one. It is the best health improver and gives the best entertainment.

Another best part is that a sport is not restricted to a child of any age. There is always a sport for every kid.

There is an abundance of choices for kids to select from when it comes to sports. A lot of their selection comes from their interest and practice.

For instance, kids who possess qualities like cooperation and team spirit can pursue team games. Kids who are not good at it can pursue individual games.

There are numerous games in these categories which we can list.

Team games- These games include cricket, basketball, volleyball, football etc.

Individual games- They include lawn tennis, badminton, table tennis, swimming, bodybuilding etc.

Cricket- There are two teams of 11 players each who compete against each other. One team bats while other team bowls. The team which scores more runs at the end outperforms the other.

Basketball- There are two teams of 5 players each who aim to earn more points by throwing the ball into the basket.

Volleyball- Two teams of 6 players each play against each other by throwing the ball over the net that lies in between the two teams. The team which manages to hit the ground of the other team more wins.

Football-  Eleven players from each team play inside a field with the motive of outlasting the other team by scoring as many goals as they can. The points are earned by putting the ball inside the goal post.

Lawn tennis and table tennis– The game is played using a tennis racket and a tennis ball that is bounced over the net that is in between the ground or table. The main difference here is the place of the game. Lawn tennis in played in a court and table tennis is played in door.

Badminton- The game has two players who bounce the shuttle by using the rackets. The opponent wins a point if it touches the ground.

Swimming– It is a water sport in which the swimmer uses arm and leg force to keep moving in water. This is a low impact sport that is usually done for improving body health and recreation.

Bodybuilding- It is a great physical activity that builds your body and makes it look good and also builds your health and mind. Bodybuilding is a tough physical activity. Bodybuilding means building your body and making it strong for athletics.