Sport That Gives the Best Body

You choose any sport for yourself and it will help you improve the looks of your body. Any physical activity or sport can help you with this. Still there are some sports especially meant for this purpose.

They are gymnastics and body building.


Gymnastics is a sport that requires a lot of training and discipline. It needs a lot of balance, strength, flexibility and coordination.

Gymnastics is very good for our overall health and development. It develops our arms, legs, shoulders, bones and muscles. It makes us rough and tough.

This makes it the best sport in the world. There are certain exercises that are made to shape your body perfectly.

Invert leg stretch– In this you have to stretch your legs outside your shoulder length and touch your feet with the same side hand. That means touch your right foot with your right hand and left foot with left hand. Do it with your legs straight.

Hollow hold pull up– This is a type of pull up exercise but in a different position than the common one. Your body has to be in the shape of “L”, that is you have to use your arms to hang up. Then tighten your abs and thighs and pull your legs straight in front of you.

Handstand walks– The name of this exercise says all. That means walking on your hands instead of your legs. This is really difficult as your body is upside down and all your weight is held by your hands.

You need to do this by being near a wall for support for the initial time. Place your hands on the floor and spread your fingers. Try to get your leg up by the support of the wall. Then try another leg up.

Initially you have to use wall support but eventually you will start walking by your hands.



“Bodybuilding”, the word explains all. It is a great physical activity that not only builds your body and makes it look good but also builds your health and mind.

We all know that it is great to exercise regularly and build your body. We know that it does great to us by shaping our body and keeping us fit. It has many more benefits except only this.

It improves our physical health by exercises such as weight lifting and aerobics. These exercises help us in reducing and keeping a check on our high blood pressure. It also helps in reducing obesity, making our bones and joints strong and increasing flexibility of our muscles.

Your confidence level goes up when you feel your body shape looks amazing than ever. These exercises promote strong and healthy bones which makes us stronger.

Bodybuilding exercises helps us to burn a lot of calories even after we are done exercising. Your body will continue burning calories for up to 36 hours after you have completed your workout session. It also gives us better skin tone and makes it more elastic.