Most Popular Sports in the World

Sports are played all over the world, either casually or professionally. Every sport has a mass following all over the globe. These are those physical activities that are performed by people for various reasons that may be personal or professional like improving health or earning money.

You see every person is somehow connected to one or the other sport in some way. Some people are engaged in playing regularly for health or interest in particular sport while some are professionally playing or following their favorite sport.

A number of games are played all over the world and in each country. Every country has its national sport. Regardless of this fact, people follow sports that are played in other countries as well.

So what is the most loved sport in the world?

Here is a list of sports that are most popular around the world in order of their favoritism. Most of these games are included in the Olympic and Asian Games.

  1. Soccer (Association Football)- More than half of the world population consider themselves great admirers of this sport. This is the most loved sport in the world and has about 4 billion followers.

This game revolves around a ball that is chased by two teams of 11 players. The ball has to be put inside the goal after getting it away from the goal keeper and defenders.

The 11 players include the goal keeper, mid fielders, defenders and the strikers.

  1. Cricket- This game started in the England. This game is only played in those countries that were under the British rule. This sport is also loved by people and has about 2.5 billion fan following in the world. This game is also called the gentleman’s game.

Two teams of 11 players are involved in the game where one team bats and the other bowls. Then the other team bats and the first one bowl.

  1. Field hockey- The game also originated in the England. It has a fan following of 2 billion people. It is widely played in India, Australia and Pakistan.

It is similar to soccer in the sense that the ball has to be put into the goal. Here, sticks are used instead of legs to push the ball in the goal.

  1. Tennis– It is a very interesting game and has a fan following of about 1 billion people. This game became popular in France.

There are two teams of 1 or 2 players each. The players have to bounce the ball over the net that is in between them without touching the net.

  1. Volleyball- It has 900 million followers in the world. The game originated in Western Europe and North America.

This game has similar elements of basketball and tennis. Two teams of 6 players compete against each other. There is a net in between same as tennis and the volleyball is bounced over the net instead of a small tennis ball.