Leading a Happy and Healthy Life

“Happiness is the new success. Health is the new wealth.”

The most important thing in life is not money, as people might say. Happiness and health are the most important of all and above all. Life is nothing when you are not happy or healthy. You are not living your life to the fullest if you are unhappy or unhealthy.

You might have heard numerous quotes like- “Health is wealth” and “Laughter is the best medicine”. Well! They are absolutely true.

Happiness and health are just a state of mind. If you think you are happy, you are happy. If you think you are healthy, you are healthy. They are just a matter of your thoughts. For instance, you know, you make your thoughts and your thoughts make you.

If you are a happy person, you are healthy too. It is only the unhappiness of a person that makes him unhealthy. Happiness and health are always interdependent.

As people grow up, they have stress and depression problems. They keep a fake smile on their faces. This stress and depression is the root of all diseases and unhealthiness. Stress and depression interrupt in the proper working of your mind. Your mind then is not able to keep your body healthy.

So the question is not how to be happy. The true question is how to subtract stress and depression from your life and add happiness.

Happiness is divided into three categories- Physical happiness, mental happiness and spiritual happiness. You know you are not complete without any of them.

Happiness is in small things. It does not need much to be happy. However, there is not fix way to happiness. Some tips might help people to find a way to their happiness.

Being physically happy basically means being healthy. For being healthy, you must take proper diet that is rich in nutrients. You must rest well and sleep well. You know when you do not take proper sleep, you feel irritated with everything. You must exercise regularly and properly. This will make you look better and feel better.


Mental happiness is very important. For being mentally happy, you must think you are happy. You should always think good and positive thoughts. There should be no room for negativity in life. You must not hate people and only love them. Remove ego and pride from yourself. They are highly destructive. You must not expect anything from anyone but only yourself. Expectations lead to disappointments that can mentally destroy you.


Spiritual happiness is the happiness of your soul. Your soul is separate from your body. To make you soul happy, you must do good deeds. Helping all living beings and being kind to them is the first step towards making your soul happy. You must meditate regularly and surrender to your soul. You must not think about and regret the past because it’s gone. You should also not worry about the future because it is not promised. You can always plan for it. Living in the present is the best. You can also read books. They can always give you solutions for your problems.


Happiness and health make your life complete and meaningful. Devote each and every bit to it. Learn to make yourself happy and healthy.