How to Motivate Your Child For Sports

Motivating others starts from motivating yourself. If you are yourself not motivated, inspired and determined how you can motivate others?

Children do not do what you want them to do? “They are stubborn people.” The fact is they do what you do. They imitate you!

To influence your child for anything in this world, you should start from doing it yourself. You should prove the child that it is something important and that’s why you spend your time doing it.

The beginning of the process of motivating your child will be when you understand the importance of sports yourself. It is a must condition. If you yourself don’t know much about it then you will not be able to motivate him for a long time. You will not be able to answer his/her various queries and the process will be terminated.

Sport is a physical act. You should spend your time with your child participating in some kind of sport. The process should start right from the beginning of your child’s young age. The younger he/she start the more quickly he will realize the significance of sport/physical activity in their life. Make the foundation strong and the pillars will never fall apart. Don’t provide him with gadgets, otherwise he will grow up wasting all his/her time on them.

  • Make him know that all life is a sport, all he has to do is play well and get the benefit. The better he play the more ahead he will go in life.
  • Increase his participation in sport by encouraging him to take part in regular sports activities. The feeling of victory will motivate him to participate more and more. And even if he loses teach him to brave in the attempt.
  • You can also develop a sport culture for your child by sending him to any sports academy of his favorite sports. By playing with the other committed sports kids he will learn certain values like team spirit, cooperation, fair play etc. This will give him a realistic exposure to the field and attract his liking for sport and physical activities.
  • Don’t watch movies, T.V. serials with him on television instead watch sports which will help him gain more knowledge about sport with full rules and regulations. It will also help him to know about various legends of the sport and have role models who he can imitate and have much more passion for sport.

Play is very important for a happy and healthy life. Sports give your life a meaning. They make you a better person both physically and mentally. People of every age should play and encourage others to do the same.