How To Choose The Best Electric Skateboard?

Electric skateboards are perfect for those interested in skating. For the experienced boarders, these allow you to ride without wasting much energy while climbing hills, also with the safety of brakes you no longer have to worry about descending slopes. For the newbie’s  this is the best way for introduction as it is way more stable. It is great for transportation, it’s small, it’s portable and it can be carried on other public transports as well like buses, cabs etc. They have the speed as well.

Electric skateboards are fun and cool. They are the future of skateboards. With so many innovations and brands in market, now is the right time to buy one. But the question remains the same, How to choose the best Electric Skateboard?

Material of the deck- One must know consider the materials used in creating the deck of the skateboard, usually the best decks are made from high-quality layered wood. The more layers there are, the more durable it is.

Motor- The motor should not be underpowered, but it should also not be overpowered as higher wattage means louder operating.     The power should be reasonable. Brushless motors are recommended.

Wheels- The Wheels must be durable enough, as the affect the stability and the smoothness of the ride directly. Softer wheels provide more grip on rough surfaces where as Harder wheels provide more speed.

Battery- A vital point if you want to travel long is the battery life. You must research about the battery life. Ideally the battery should provide around 50-60 minutes of battery life. Even if you don’t want to travel long distances, it is always good to have plenty of battery left in the pack, as it ensures more lifespan. It should also have fast charging, just in case you want to travel urgently and you want some quick juice.

Weight Capacity- This point should not be overlooked. It means the maximum amount of weight the boards can handle. If you have more weight than the capacity, then the performance and safety of the skateboard will be affected.

 Size and weight- Lighter skateboards should be preferred, especially for shorter distances. The skateboard should be not be very large.

Riding Mode- It is required to consider the riding mode of the skateboard you want to buy. If you are a newbie, you should buy a skateboard with beginner mode. You can also buy one with multiple modes like beginner and advanced mode. That way you can switch when you have enough skills.

Speed- For those who really want a fast skateboard, Speed is essential point. Check whether the skateboard’s maximum speed meets your requirements. There are also skateboards with variable speed controls.

Range- A very important consideration is range. If you are frequent or long-distance traveller, you must buy a skateboard with high range. 6-8 miles is considered good enough.

Warranty- Wear and tear are extremely common in the case of skateboards. It is recommended to have a longer warranty. Be sure to understand what all is covered in warranty.

Waterproofing- Fully waterproof skateboards don’t exist in market right now, however it should be at least water resistant especially if you live in rain-prone areas

Purpose- If you want electric skateboard just for hobby and low distance then buy a light performance skateboard, consider more budget option, ones with single wheel drive.
If you want a board for daily use, long rides then you should buy those with more performance, higher range, advanced version, maybe dual-wheel drive models.