Buying the Right Running Shoes

Running is a great cardiovascular activity. It is very important for our physical and mental health. It usually doesn’t need any equipment other than a pair of running shoes.

It requires performing this activity in the right way and picking up the right running shoes for this purpose is very important.

Running shoes are categorized into three categories.

Road running shoes– These are light and flexible and designed for running on pavements and slightly irregular surfaces. They stabilize feet against irregular surfaces.

Trail running shoes– They have aggressive tread for solid traction. They are designed for running on hard surfaces with obstacles like mud, rocks and roots. They provide stability, support and protection to our feet.

Cross training shoes– They have a thick platform sole and are designed for gym and workouts. They help in more contact with the ground.

Choosing the right sports shoes

How to pick up the right running shoes?

What qualities does a pair of right running shoes should have?

Running surface- These shoes are designed is different ways for running on different surfaces. First you need to figure out which surface you will be running on. Then choose road, trail or cross training shoes.

Kind of running– You need to see that what kind of running you are doing. You should not buy athletic shoes rather you should buy training or walking shoes.

Foot type- We all have different foot type that needs a different shoe. We need to see our gait and style of walking and running.

There is a way of determining your foot type. For doing this you have to wet both of your feet and take the imprint on a paper. This will tell you if you have a normal, low or high arch.

Size- Your shoes should be of perfect size. They should fit you perfectly. They should not be oversized. They should also not be small or tight. Your feet should be comfortable and able to breathe.

Proper spacing– You must have enough space for the toe. There should be about a thumbs width between the top of the toe and at the end of the shoe.

This is so because our feet swell a bit when we run. Also, the heel should not be slipping. If your shoes slip, there would not be a firm grip on the ground and you can fall.

Try on running before buying– The last step is to try your shoes. Make sure they are comfortable for running. Most of the shoes feel good when you try them in the store but when you run wearing them you feel uncomfortable.

You must follow these simple steps before buying the shoes. A good pair of running shoes will give a great running experience. It will make running more comfortable and enjoyable. It will also protect your feet from any kind of injuries.