Benefits of Swimming Over Running

Both, swimming and running are great physical exercises. They have a lot of benefits for our body of which most of them are common. Only the intensity of benefits they give may differ from each other.

Swimming and running, both are popular choices when it comes to weight loss. People tend to confuse between the two in making a choice. One should make a choice by looking at the priority benefits they want.

However, if they choose swimming over running, they are making a better choice. It not that running is a bad choice but swimming has a few more benefits than running.

Why choose swimming?

The answer is simple- because of the extra benefits it gives us.

What are the extra benefits?

Full body workout– Swimming gives you a whole body workout. When you swim, you not only use your legs but you also use your arms.

While, in running, you only use your legs. It is more of a lower body exercise.

Burns more calories– It takes more physical effort to swim than to run. Thus, it helps in burning way more calories than running does.

Swimming can help you lose about 90% of your body weight. It burns more calories than you eat every day.

More resistance– Swimming offers you more resistance than running does. This is so because water resistance is more than wind resistance. More resistance helps you burn more calories. Thus, swimming burns more calories than running.

Lower impact– It gives lower impact than running. It gives lesser pressure on your joints and prevents you from any pain and injuries. Running is a high impact exercise. It gives more pressure on your joints and you have chances of injuries and joint pain.

Floating– We get to float when we swim. We feel weight less when we are in water. It is amazing to work out when you feel weight less. Running makes you feel your weight and does not give any floating experience.

No need for bath– After swimming, you don’t need to shower. You can either dry yourself up or rinse a little.

Improves body functions– Swimming improves body movement, flexibility and strength to resist water. This leads to overall stability in joints and stronger muscles.

Variety– Swimming workouts can be changed. They don’t have to be same. You can change strokes, alternate energy systems and equipments. This makes the exercise interesting.

Develops smartness– Your brain and body is supplied with extra blood and oxygen. This makes you more alert and focused. You think and feel better after a good swim session.

No feeling of sweat– You do sweat when you swim but you don’t feel sweaty and sticky while in water. Your body heat is conducted by water. After a run out session, you are all wet and sticky but after you swim, you never feel sweaty. Instead, you feel refreshed.

Both, swimming and running are great cardiovascular exercises. They both help in weight loss. You can choose any of them depending upon the benefits you want to receive.