Benefits of Playing Basketball

Basketball is a world famous and a much loved sport. It involves chasing and putting the ball in the basket.

Most of us have played this game and we know it requires a lot of body movement like jumping and running. This makes it a good and fun way of exercising and workout. Moreover, our love for this sport does not even make us realize that we are exercising and working out.

Playing basketball has numerous benefits including a lot of health benefits that people might not know of.

Here are some amazing health benefits of basketball

Weight loss– Every physical activity or sport like basketball helps you in reducing weight by burning calories. Basketball is an amazing work out as it involves a lot of jumping and running.

Heart health– It is a cardiovascular activity that increases your heart rate. When your heart rate increases, your blood pressure decreases. It helps in decreasing the risk of heart diseases that can arise in future.

Lung health– When you play any sport or do any physical activity, you breathe faster. Your lungs are supplied with more oxygen and in turn your brain is also supplied with more oxygen. It reduces the risk of any lung disease.

Bone and muscle health– Basketball helps in strengthening our bones as it increases the formation of new bone tissues. It not only makes our bone strength but also makes our muscles stronger. The stretching and pushing of our body makes our muscles stronger and flexible.

Full body workout– Playing basketball requires your arms and legs both to be in motion. Thus, your upper and lower body both are in movement. It helps in developing your overall body. You might have heard your parents saying that you will grow taller and stronger if you play basketball. Well! That is absolutely right.

Mental development– It develops our thinking and reacting ability. It involves a lot of decision making while you are on the court. Focus on the ball in the main task of the game. It develops your concentration and observation.

Improves immunity- Playing any game reduces stress and depression as it makes us ignore the worries. It makes us happy and cheerful. A peaceful mind always works better than a stressed mind. It thinks better and develops our immune system.

Builds discipline, awareness and confidence– When you talk about health, it does not only include your mental and physical health. Your health also includes what you do and how you do it.

Basketball has a set of rules that you need to follow and that makes you more self disciplined. It is a game that requires you to think and decide your positions in the court which makes you more aware. When you play well in the court and make your team win, it gives you a lot of confidence and self esteem.

Every physical activity and sport is good for your health. Playing can do wonders. It not only is a fun activity but also a health activity. Why join gyms and other classes when you can just play and be healthy? A sport like basketball is best for that.