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Basic Scuba Diving Equipment

Scuba diving is a fun activity. It can be done personally and professionally. Scuba divers dive under the water using fins and breathing equipment. Many other basic scuba diving equipment are also used that are necessary for this activity.

Best Scuba Diving Equipment

Alternate air source– This is a back up for divers. Whenever a diver’s first or primary air source fails, this alternate source comes to rescue. It works same as the first one. It is attached between your chin and rib cage in a triangle. It is usually in a bright color.

Buoyancy control device– A BCD is a jacket worn by divers. It controls the buoyancy or their ascent or descent in water. There is a lot of pressure under water and this jacket helps in keeping you safe from that pressure.

Booties– These are boots with fins specially designed for scuba diving. They are made to keep our feet warm and comfortable in cold water.

Compass– It is very important to know directions under water also. A compass is worn on the wrist that is attached to a watch or dive computer. Digital compasses are designed for diving.

Cylinder– It is the most important as it carries your compressed breathing gas that you require under water for breathing. It is a tank that has almost 3000psi/210bar. Its size is about 90 cubic feet or it may even vary.

Depth gauge– This device tells you how deep you are under water. It shows depth either in meters or feet.

Dive computer– These computers handle various operations like showing directions using compass that is attached to it. A depth gauge is also attached to it that shows your depth and dive time. They also tell us the air consumption and how much air is left in the tank. Its other functions include showing under water temperature details and using it as a mask.

Dive knife– A dive knife not used as a weapon rather as an instrument that is used to free the divers from any kind of entanglement like fishing line. More than one knife is carried by the divers on the BCD and on the leg.

Fins– They are attached with boots or booties. They are made up of flat rubber or plastic extensions that help you in swimming easily and faster. They keep us warm and comfortable in cold water. They are of two types- full foot and open heeled.

Snorkel- It is a tube like structure made of plastic that is attached to the left side of the mask. It helps you to breathe when you are on the surface of water. It helps us to save the air in the tank.

Weight system- People who are light weighted need artificial weight to sink in water. The weight belt and integrated weights help you to do this.

Under water vision- It is difficult to see under water because the refractive index of water is higher than air. This device helps us to see under water by providing air space in front of the diver’s eye.