Anxiety in Sports Psychological

Have you ever felt nervous before performing on the stage? Most of the people have. Each one of us possesses this feeling of anxiety or nervousness. It is common in sports also.

What is anxiety?

In medical terms, it refers to the changes in physical and psychological behavior due to some unforeseen fear. In common human language, it is basically the nervousness or stress one feels when he or she is about to face a situation or perform on stage.

What are the types of anxiety?

There are two types of anxiety- Trait anxiety and state anxiety. The intensity of anxiety may differ from individual to individual and from situation to situation. Trait anxiety is that in which it is a normal trait of that individual to get nervous. State anxiety means getting nervous in specific situations.

What are the symptoms?

You can look at a person and make out if he or she is anxious. There are some common symptoms of anxiety like loss of concentration and confidence. You will experience increased heart rate, sweating and butterflies in stomach if you are nervous. People start nail biting and do not make eye contact whenever anxious.

What could be the causes of anxiety?

There could be ample of reasons for anxiety in a person. For instance, trait anxiety is normal and a person can feel it under normal circumstances also.

State anxiety can be felt when a person is under the pressure of being observed. When a person performs on stage, all eyes are on him or her. He knows that he can be judged because of which he becomes anxious.

What are the effects?

Anxiety is not good for any person especially for the one who has to perform. If a person is anxious before his performance, you can make sure he would not be able to perform at his best. He might lose confidence in himself. People often leave certain thing if they do not perform well and feel unsatisfied.

Why anxiety in sports?

We know that all sports are immensely popular around the world. Sports are played casually and professionally. Every sport has huge fan following. People are watching and following their favorite players every time.

When a person happens to be a new player, he has a fear that people will evaluate his performance and he might get disqualified if he does not play well. He becomes anxious.

If a person is an old player, audience’s expectations might make him anxious. No one wants to disappoint his fans by not playing well.

The fear of competition and failure can make a player nervous. Team’s pressure can make a player stressed.

It is very clear that anxiety is common and normal in sports. It is also clear that it is certainly not good for any player as it can totally ruin his performance. A little bit of anxiety is alright but you need to tackle it if it exceeds.