6 Workouts Training for Wrestlers

Wrestling is a very difficult sport that involves a lot of risk and professional techniques. A wrestler is properly trained before participating in any professional wrestling programs.

This is so because a wrestler has to have a tremendously good body and physique. A person has to be mentally, emotionally, spiritually and the most importantly- physically prepared for this kind of a sport.

There are certain exercises of strength conditioning for beginners and experienced wrestlers. These techniques help them to perform better at this sport.

Common Workouts for Wrestler

  1. Pull ups– They are meant for building the strength of arms. They are must for any wrestler. They help in building pulling strength, gripping strength and making healthy abdominal and shoulders. You need to pull your shoulders up holding that bar and slowly lower them. Repeat this way.
  2. Dead lifts– It is one of the top lifts that you need to do. It is really difficult but doing this will build every muscle of yours that you need in wrestling. It makes your lower back, biceps and abs strong. You have to bend down and make such an angle that your hips are higher than your knees. Then lift the bar using your arms. This may hurt your spinal cord.
  3. Zercher squats– It is a great exercise and helps in strengthening your trunk, glutes, quads and hamstrings. This is done for the under hook position in wrestling. This is done by holding a thick bar in the crook of the arm and lowering it down on your knees and bringing it up slowing.
  4. Thick implement training– If you are a wrestler, you always need to grab a wrist that is thicker than a barbell. Your grip game must be strong otherwise the opponent will escape his wrist. In this training, you use a barbell or dumbbell that is thicker and make our hands, fingers and thumb used to gripping on a wrist.
  5. Trunk stabilization movements– When you are wrestling, you must be stable. That means your opponent must not be able to move you. Your trunk and spinal cord should be stable so that you don’t face injuries. For making your trunk and spine stable, you can do pall of press landmine, ab wheel, suitcase carries, up/down carries, body say or plank series.
  6. Walking lunges– A wrestler needs to build his leg strength also as every game starts with being on your feet. He needs to have a strong leg position. This training is done by holding a dumbbell in both of your hands. Take one step forward and make a 90 degree angle. Then take the next step forward and do the same. Make sure that your chest is up so that the load is on your legs.

These training exercises are beneficial for every wrestler whether he is a beginner or professional. Make sure you don’t do these exercises on your own. Do them under the supervision of a trainer so that you don’t have any injuries.